Small Tasks… BIG Difference

I have come to realize that, most of the time, the small things make bigger differences in people’s lives, than big things. Think about it. Doesn’t it make your day when you’re walking along on the sidewalk and find money? How about when you’ve had a tough day, either working or driving around doing errands, and you come home to find a clean house and a home-cooked meal? Or how about when you’re going through the drive-thru and find that somebody paid for your meal? And what about when someone leaves you an encouraging note when (and where) you least expect it? These things make your day just a little bit brighter, right? You STILL remember them instances, right? THAT’S what I’m talking about. You still remember them because it was when you were feeling down, and when you just couldn’t see what was going on in your life that was good that day. That’s what God does for you. He sends blessings to you, so many that you probably don’t even know what half of them are.

How about when we do something for someone else? When you’ve turned their sadness into happiness, does it make you happy, too? How about when you’re there for a shoulder to cry on? Or to lend an ear that’ll just listen, when they just need to talk? How about when there is someone ahead of you that really wants to get some food, or maybe a present for someone, and they realize that they’re short? When you help them out, can you tell that it brightens their day? Does it brighten your day, too? What about your neighbor who can’t mow their lawn, or shovel their driveway, when you do that extra work for them, do you feel good? That’s what our Heavenly Father WANTS us to do. To be a servant. For it is said:

Always give yourselves to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain. -1 Coronthians 15:58b NIV

When you put in the hard work for other people, for absolutely nothing but to make THEM feel good, it does NOT go unnoticed by God. When you do what seem like menial tasks, your reward is just that much greater when you go to Heaven. You could look at it another way, too. God sent His one and only son to die on the Cross for us, for our sins. His son, Jesus Christ, said himself that he will be preparing a room for each and every one of us in His Father’s mansion, in OUR Father’s mansion. So, what are you going to do to work for that room? God wants each and every one of us to be up there with Him, and walk with Him, but if we’re not willing to work to put food on the table, to take care of our families, and, most importantly, to help people in need, then what are we even doing here? What was the point of Him even putting us here on this Earth? Out of all of the things that God could’ve dome or made, why did He make us? He made us, so we could be servants to Him and to each other. Back to the reward/rewards, when we do things out of love, and do things that pleases God, down here on Earth, don’t you notice that your life becomes just that much better? That you’re getting things that you could’ve NEVER dreamed of asking? Those are the things that God is giving you because you’re pleasing Him.

The point I am trying to make? No matter how menial the task, it IS important. I know, I know. How can mowing the lawn or shoveling the driveway be IMPORTANT? Think about it. If YOU didn’t do it, who else would? For free? I know lately it seems like what everyone wants is money, for anything and everything, but why don’t YOU be that person that shows that there ARE people out there who are willing to do stuff just for the gratification of doing it? Why not just do the “menial” task just to brighten someone’s day? Why not show that YOU are a Child of GOD?

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Perfection. Isn’t that what we all strive for? To be perfect in every way and have absolutely everyone love us? … Even if it’s impossible?? Look, I’m not saying that we’re not good people even though. What I AM saying though, is that, there was only one person on this whole Earth who was perfect, and still not everyone loved him like they should have.. like we should be now. You know who that person was? Yep, you betcha … Jesus Christ. Now you may be asking, “If he was ssooo perfect, than how come people rejected him?” Because they couldn’t believe that he was doing all of these miracles, even if it happened right in front of their own eyes. That he had NEVER committed a sin… and through it all, he STILL died on the cross for our sins. Now, him, to me, is the definition of perfection. He still loved (and loves) each and every one of us.. even when we caused him all of that pain. I mean, can you imagine how much pain he was in?? Think about it. He was whipped way beyond the number of times that he should have been, had a “crown: of thorns that dug deep into his skull while that was going on. Then, he had to carry his own cross for about a mile, to the place that he was gonna be put onto it. And now, finally, he gets his feet and hands nailed to the cross. Can you even begin to imagine¬†how much pain he was in?? I definitely do know that I can’t.

My point is, is that, we’re not¬†going to be perfect, no matter¬†how much we want to be. The question isn’t “What can¬†I do to be perfect like everyone wants me to be?”¬†Because, trust me, you’re¬†NEVER going to find the answer to that question. I know it’s an old clich√©, but we’re only human. God understands that.¬†That’s why he sent his one and only son¬†to die on the cross for us, and Jesus was willing¬† to do it. Yeah,¬†he knew that it would cause him a lot of pain, but he knew that that is¬†what his father wanted, and he would¬†do it, because he trusted him with his whole heart, soul, mind, and strength, even if¬†he didn’t¬†quite understand why his father would want¬†him to go through that much pain. God understood, but he still did it. He wants us to be with him up in Heaven, and he knew¬†that if he didn’t do what he did,¬†we NEVER would have¬†had a chance, because of all of the sins that¬†we have done and will¬†do. We are his children. No, we’re not perfect. That’s why we learn what not to¬†do and¬†what to do. God teaches us lessons.. Even if he has to¬†teach us over and over again to get it through our¬†thick skulls. He¬†LOVES us. The¬†bible¬†(to me) is¬†like a love letter to us. He wants us to know, what happened, why¬†he did what he did, what he’s doing right now, how much he loves..¬†which is¬†more than we can even fathom, and what is¬†going to¬†happen, if we don’t do what he wrote in his letter to us.¬†Yes, it is really long, but every. single. page is worth reading.. but¬†don’t just read, try to understand¬†what you are reading, because once you¬†understand just a little bit, you’ll want more, to see what more you can understand. Our brains are itty bitty, so we’re not going to understand everything. Don’t worry about it. Because we’re NEVER going to, no matter how much we try.¬†We will understand¬†everything, and absolutely everything when we get to Heaven. This is our chance to shine through all of our imperfections through HIM. So. the question is: Through ALL of your imperfections, what are YOU going to do to let YOUR light shine?